Welcome to my webpage! Welcome to the cyberhome of Kathie Sutherland, an inclusive safe haven for those who love Writing to Grow. I’m glad you found your way to me here in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces.

I love writing’s solitude but I also love writerly conversations about personal and spiritual growth and self-expression.

As I grew up in a transient military family in the 1950s and 1960s, I found acceptance with my peers by adapting to situations like a chameleon changing colour to suit its surroundings. Constant transition and the absence of mirroring by extended family and community set me on a lifelong track of integrating the roles, masks and fragments of my personality with my Soul Self. I’ve grown to love and trust this Home I found in me, the Authentic Kathie who writes sensory-based poetry, stories, essays, and articles.

I am enamored of poetry’s rhythms, sounds, connotations and metaphors because these aspects of self-expression awaken the symbolic language of my Soul Self. Poetry of all kinds arouses me, calling me to return to the beauty of the world even though my writing is sometimes filled with sadness, suffering and pain. The intention of my writing is to bring together the gifts of “feeling” and “thinking,” by playing in the senses. I love words that are lyrical and accessible, and I’m pleased my writing conjures up personal memories and reactions in others. Drop by my Bookstore page to check out what is available.

I believe writing, like other forms of art, unites us in our human condition and allows us to connect and share the common threads of our experience. I hope you will join in the Blog conversation here. Your comments are welcome and encouraged. I will respond to everyone. If you want to find out more about me, please drop by my Who is Kathie? page.