What do I offer?


Thirty years of writing about my life has inspired books, short stories, poetry, essays and magazine articles. I use my love of words, empathy and social skills to companion others as they work towards  emotional satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment and feelings of positive self-regard. 


At my in-person workshops, in my e-workbooks, inside my paperback books and in one-to-one creative writing sessions, you will have access to tools that inspire you to write about your own life.

  • Reflect on your inner world in a journal;
  • Write yourself a Hero or Heroine in a fairy tale;
  • Become the principal figure in your own healing story, autobiography or memoir;
  • Celebrate your life with a written legacy focused on your values and the dreams you hold for your children, grandchildren and friends when you when you are gone;
  • Create a fictional story that emerges from an insight or awareness of your virtues and values;
  • Craft a poem that heals through image;
  • Conduct dialogues with all the voices inside you that want to be heard;
  • Listen and record the small whispers in your Inner Ear.

Please visit my Bookstore, Portrait Poems and Listening In pages for a more detailed look at the reading material and writing services I offer.