Games of Life

A game (noun) is defined as “a calculated strategy or approach; an active interest or pursuit.”

You might like to ask yourself about “the game of life” in your journal. Is life like a round of golf where you practice perfection? Is it like a game of chess where you try to stay one step ahead? Is it a child’s game of Hide and Seek in which you play at discovering the gifts hidden in yourself or your relationships; or even keeping yourself safe by hiding your essence from others?

Sometimes we win at “real” games like Scrabble or Crazy 8s. Sometimes we lose. How we react to wins and losses help us understand the kind of person we are. Do we play to win by pushing others out of the way? Do we pout, get angry or throw our cards down when we lose? Is it the game, the fun or the possible win that attracts us? We all like to succeed. What is success anyway except finding what gives us happiness and makes life worth living?

Learning from our reactions makes us happier players. How we cope, accept our abilities and celebrate our strengths we learn a little bit more about who we are.

Warning! This poem contains a crude word!

life is golf

on the fairway –
set feet apart
knees bent
head down
grip loose
allow the club
to carry through
hard and true
lighten the hold
sink one shot
into success

but no!
this shot,
is like life –
it’s a whack! fuck!
the ball’s got no lift
and you can’t get it up
you miss the cup
and frustration
takes hold of your focus
throttles your confidence

like mistakes
on the fairway of life
perfection obsession
takes over
and the lesson
is lost
like a chuffed ball
lost in the ruff

kathie sutherland

This poem appears in balancing Act a poetry collection which you can purchase right here on my website at https://kathiesutherland.com/books/

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2 thoughts on “Games of Life

  1. I love the symbolism of a game of golf being like the game of life. We all win or lose during our lifetimes, the trick is to win more than lose.

    1. Kathie Sutherland says:

      I see that you responded to this post in November! I’ve been absent from my own site for a while now.

      This poem was quite fun to write. I too enjoy the possibilities for expression in metaphors. In fact, its a favourite tool of mine; as you may have guessed by now. The poem was inspired by a comment from a golfer who used the epitaph a lot. I have a other poems that compare other games with experiences.

      Glad you enjoyed that one!

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