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The Storyteller: True Tales of Enchantment
by Kathie Sutherland

I have the perfect gift idea for your Mom and I don’t even know her! My new book of Elder Tales is just the right gift for the mature woman. I’m confident she’ll enjoy The Storyteller: True Tales of Enchantment. Do you know why? Because she’ll recognize her own elder wisdom.

Your Mom has experienced a range of emotions, dealt with life’s ups and downs, loved her husband and family through thick and thin, and learned from it all. Each of us has an inner Fairy Godmother, an old Witch, a Heroine and a Storyteller within us. These are mythic characters from the classic Fairy Tale. That’s why The Storyteller is a perfect gift for your Mom! She’ll understand!. 

The simple, entertaining stories in this book are symbolic Elder Tales inspired by my life experience. I’ve reached a stage of understanding common to many older women – one in which I recognize my values, my traditions, my beliefs, and the roles I’ve played. More importantly, I’ve glimpsed the authentic being I am. I see the virtues, values and strengths I have and your Mom can too. Together, we can look back and celebrate our common wisdom.

These Elder Tales are time-honoured wisdom stories similar to those from other cultures, which is another reason your Mom will enjoy them. She will be able to relate to their universal truths.  

The Storyteller: True Tales of Enchantment is available only in ebook format at this time and I’ve provided links to websites that carry it. 

Hard copies will be available soon. I’d be happy to add you to my order list if your Mom prefers a “real” author-signed book! Just visit my contact page and leave me a note.



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