My life story holds memories captured by my storyteller. She spins nets of magic with them.

I haven’t always been a writer. It happened quite by chance when I attended a writing workshop a long time ago. The instructor said I had a broad landscape to paint. I love landscape because its so real and true.

Landscape is the ground on which we walk. The clouds, sunny skies and storms pass over and, depending on our perspective, can be curses or charms. The seasons reflect the passing of life, whether we are in the newness of Spring or the winter of Death. Landscape affects the movement of air and the condition of the roads we follow.  Paying attention to the landscape of the moment provides a metaphoric signpost that gives location and direction. Refer to balancing Act

By blending two worlds, one of physical and one of soul, and the words I choose make the covert, overt. Metaphor transforms the abstract into concrete. The separate and unified become integrated. By expressing soul insights using symbolic language, my storyteller brings a different perspective to life’s teachings. Metaphor takes a grand idea or an innovation and blends it with experience to create understanding.

In many ways, the role of every Storyteller is to cross a living bridge between the conscious world and the archetypal realm of the collective unconscious. I find that idea freeing. Don’t you?

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