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The Storyteller: True Tales of Enchantment (2018) by Kathie Sutherland

Pull up a rocking chair at the fireside, light a lamp and listen to a mythic Storyteller who has traveled the Road to Paradise. In these stories, she shares her life’s wisdom and unique perspective on life. In these True Tales of Enchantment, you will hear stories of magic and wonder, encounter kind animals and come to love the humans who have offered her advice and companionship. These original Elder Tales are narrated in a fanciful, creative way by a weary Gypsy traveller.





What We Keep – A Memoir (2017) by Kathie Sutherland

This collection of personal essays will touch your heart with authentic stories from a woman who embraces life and love, and ultimately realizes self-love is as important as love for family and friends.





Shadow Girls in the Spotlight (2016) by Kathie Sutherland

In this startling and thought-provoking book, Kathie gives voice to the masked Selves protecting her authenticity. The characters evoke self-compassion when we recognize them as our own. Each poem is accompanied by questions for the reader to express resonance with the poem’s deeper meaning.




balancing Act – Poems (2011) by Kathie Sutherland

As human beings, we experience ups and downs in life. Sometimes events are like tsunamis or earthquakes. At other times, our lives are as serene as a mountain meadow. During times of chaos, we long for order. When we feel tossed about by waves of stress, we ache for peace. When we are in pain, we want to heal. We grasp tightly when it would better serve our growth to let go.




The following chapbooks are available as a FREE sample of my poetry. Please contact me to receive yours today. IF YOU WISH, a charitable donation can be made and a  receipt for $20.00 sent to you. $10.00 will be used for shipping. Funds will be sent to Families First Society in Fort Saskatchewan at


Seeking Asylum – Poems (2017) by Kathie Sutherland

All of us, at one time or another in our lives, feel lost and confused. These poems are intended to give hope on those days when we feel particularly unbalanced and vulnerable, and are in need of asylum.

Wind in the Trees – Poems (2017) by Kathie Sutherland

Sharp sensory images bring the reader back to the nurturing landscape of the Soul. Wind in the Trees reminds all of us to listen in to nature’s wisdom and honour our own inner seasons.

skipping stone mind – a spirit song – poems (2010) by Kathie Sutherland

For Kathie, poetry is a path towards the Divine. This collection reflects on her spiritual growth process where she seeks self-discovery and uses her gifts to create a better world.

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