Tales of Enchantment

The Storyteller: True Tales of Enchantment

These stories chronicle the development of my Storytelling voice. I no longer have to strive in the outer world as young adventurers do in traditional fairy tales.Writing in the voice of an Old Gypsy Storyteller allows me to share my solitary, quiet work in a creative medium I love. The “Road to Paradise” setting in these Elder Tales, reflects the rhythms and seasons of any traveller. These landscapes are the ground on which the Mythic Storyteller walks her journey. She will tell you about the clouds and storms passing passing over, the animals who provide assistance and speak of her unique perspective. Obviously, her viewpoint is a history of my writing life. I am pleased to be able to root myself in her tales as she spins a net of magic and wonder. She sustains me in the Universal struggle to express my True Self through imagination. Art is the sacred connection we share with others.

Carolyn Myss’ book Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential, says, “The classic Storyteller/Minstrel archetype relays wisdom and foolishness, mistakes and successes, facts and fiction, and tales of love and the impossible on a plane that is often exaggerated beyond ordinary life. Love is greater, power is more daring, successes are more astonishing, foolishness is more obvious…We are, in fact, storytellers by nature. Those who have this archetype find that the Storyteller’s voice and methods are essential to their way of communicating and perceiving the world.  A Storyteller communicates not just facts but also a metaphoric learning or experience. Storytellers abound in any walk of life, not just among professional writers.”

“The tradition of the Minstrel reveals how essential the Storyteller’s role was in medieval culture, because minstrels were expected to tell stories and sing stories as a way of entertaining a group as well as passing on the news of the day…The universal appeal of storytelling throughout history suggests some deeper connection of this archetype with the human soul…This may be a reflection that each of our lives is a story worth telling, or a desire to impose order on what sometimes seems like a chaotic and random universe.”

Life is Not A Fairy Tale. Or is it?

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In the fairy tales of my childhood, characters found their way to the “happily ever after” through bravery and imagination. Since growing up, I’ve realized how much courage it takes to use active, focused imagination to answer deeper questions like Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose and meaning of my life?

For me, the Storyteller archetype is a protective figure – a wise elder who knows the power of thoughts, the vulnerabilities of being truthful, and the aloneness of existence. She also understands that stories can change people, heal shame, free us from fear, ease our suffering and restore our sense of worth.

In my Tales of Enchantment, the Old Gypsy Storyteller creates folkloric stories that brim with life truths. As she travels the “road to paradise” her fanciful tales speak in a symbolic way. I love the way she gives animals and objects touch of magic and wonder  She bridges the realities of my inner Self to my search for wholeness, truth, beauty, love and goodness in the outer world.

Now that you know my motivation for creating this book, you might like to try a one page or even one paragraph fairy tale from your own life and use this altered-point-of-view. In the book Your Life as Story by Tristine Rainer, the author tells us that stories are created from three essential ingredients. We intuitively know this structure is true for telling stories from our lived experience as well. Most of us are familiar with a beginning, middle and conclusion arrangement and my Old Gypsy Storyteller has made use of this in her tales.

Here are the steps.

Something happened so that a person (a little girl, a little boy, a woman, an old man – he or she) had a problem and a need. I found it helpful to use the third person to temporarily step back from real life.

As the person pursued his or her need, a struggle ensued.

And in the end the person changed with a realization.

Your turn! Just begin, Once upon a time…



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