Lonely Lila

Lonely Lila

Lonely Lila comes to me in darkness
when the interface grid is offline
when my soul radiance dims
i hear her whistling in the dark
then i’m not afraid
to share the gift of words
to light up the world
with forgiveness
and acceptance.

it shocks me to know
the live wire of my heart
when amplified and grounded
is powered by a great Wind
the natural source of all love

then Lila leaves her lonely lair
she illuminates the way, makes my heart shine
my eyes twinkle and my words hum.

(c) Kathie Sutherland 2015/02/03

6 Replies to “Lonely Lila”

    • Thank you Ginette! I love writing these poems because the opposites create wonderful contrast. Metaphor is my favourite tool; it conveys so much abstract information via very concrete comparisons. Can’t you tell how much I love it? LOL!

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