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My name is
- Kathie Sutherland

“Writing to Grow” provides creativity tools and companionship for those wishing to write about the values, traditions, life learning and wisdom that gives life its meaning. Books, short stories, poems and letters can be remembered, reflected upon and recorded. You will discover gratitude, forgiveness, and deeper meaning arises when you write to heal yourself.

I bring a friendly listening ear to those who want the emotional satisfaction of finding meaning in life events and opportunities to create a sense of accomplishment and feelings of positive self-regard.

Be remembered and at peace when you:

  • Celebrate your life with a written legacy focused on the values and the dreams you hold for your children, grandchildren and friends.
  • Use a journal to reflect on thoughts, feelings and ideas.
  • Write as if you are a Hero or Heroine in a fairy tale.
  • Become the principal figure in your own healing story, autobiography or memoir.
  • Create a fictional story that emerges from an insight or awareness of your virtues and values.
  • Work with me to craft a poem for yourself or someone you love to affirm them with images and metaphors.
  • Conduct dialogues with all the voices inside you and really listen to their messages.